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Electrical Services

Electrical Services, Fast.

As “Your Favorite Electrician,” Spark Daddy has you covered, whether your project is BIG or small. Our vast range of services include:

Fans, Lights & Switches

Everyday repairs like these are a SNAP at Spark Daddy. If you are feeling a light switch get hot or make noise when you turn it on or if there is a burnt spot on an outlet, that’s the time to call us. Or, if you want to change out that overhead light to a stylish new remote control fan. Spark Daddy handles everything.

Panel Upgrades

Today, technology advances at such a high rate that you may feel like you’ve been left behind regarding sufficient wiring and electrical capabilities. To keep up with the level of power and volume of electricity required to keep your home or facility running properly, panel servicing and upgrading will be a valuable investment. Superior customer support and satisfaction are an integral part of Spark Daddy. Making sure your needs are met with the proper electrical panel that will keep your home or facility safe and efficient is a task that must be taken seriously.

Home Generators

From cooking and hot water to security and home internet, electricity powers just about everything. Oh no…what about charging your phone!! Many of our clients have asked Spark Daddy to install Back Up Home Generators to protect against power outages. Weather and other disasters can wreak havoc with everyday life. With a whole-home back up generator from Spark Daddy you’ll sleep tight every night.

Room Additions

There is a lot more to room additions than just space. Planning the electrical service for now and future needs will save you a bundle now and later. So make sure your electrical contractor is Your Favorite Electrician, Spark Daddy. Do you need a new Electrical Panel, GFI outlet or even 220-volt wiring based on the room use? Call Spark Daddy or specify Spark Daddy to your contractor. From a room addition to a major Kitchen Remodel, Spark Daddy is the most trusted name in the St. Louis area.

Code Corrections

Especially in the sale of older homes…and some new ones, code violations can hold up sales and cause lots of hard feelings. Get your code corrections done the right, the first time so all the questions are answered. Our Fully Stocked Service Trucks means we’ll have everything we need for Same Day Repair to get you violation free and ready to enjoy your home without the electric Boogey Man always hanging over your shoulder. For Code Corrections the only call to make is to Spark Daddy.


Renovation electrical work typically requires all electrical wiring and devices to be brought up to code along with the installation of the newer wiring. At Spark Daddy, working with older, obsolete types of wiring such as aluminum or knob & tube wiring or replacing under-capacity electrical panels are just more ways we are happy to serve you. With over 50 years combined experience, our Master Electricians have seen it all and repaired it all with expert workmanship and low, low prices.

Design & Build

At Spark Daddy our Master Electricians are expert at evaluating electrical needs of almost any space from a second bedroom to 100,000 square foot distribution center. We can create lighting grids, GFCI circuits, specify panel requirements…and perform all the work (efficiently and excellently). Regardless of the timeline, our specialized Electrical Service Management Software will schedule your dream home project with the greatest of care, tracking your job from start to end. We take all the steps so we can make sure your project happens on time and within your set budget.

Lighting Retrofits

Sometimes just the simplest of changes can make a world of difference. Lighting retrofits can make a dull room come alive with life and light. Retrofitting can also put your hard earned money back in your pocket. At Spark Daddy we get excited to share our lighting and cost analysis with you based on your home or business. We will give you a great picture of the possibilities for quality of lighting as well as your return on investment. It’s just another reason why we are Your Favorite Electrician!

Specialty Lighting

There is residential Specialty Lighting and Commercial Specialty Lighting. Spark Daddy does both! For your home, if you are ready to modernize a kitchen or change out your entire home with high efficiency lights and fixtures Spark Daddy can show you samples and bring great design ideas. We work with tons of interior designers too! For businesses, retrofitting your lighting from older style incandescent or fluorescent to state of the art lighting technologies can save money and improve productivity. Your payback can be measured in months…Now You See, Spark Daddy always puts you in the Best Light!

Service Upgrades

Expansion or adding to your electrical service can sometimes require adding in an additional electrical panel. Often times these new distribution points will be equipped to handle additional circuits, heavier loads, etc. Everything must meet code! There are even times when old electrical panels are either not up to code or an inspector for a pending real estate sale has determined that they must be replaced. Spark Daddy gets referrals from professional home inspectors all the time. They know…that we know, how to keep the sparks down and service up!

Voice & Data

WiFi is great…but sometimes, you need guaranteed connectivity and quality. Spark Daddy wires for voice and data in both new construction and existing construction. You really have to know construction before you can wire it! We have the professional tools, knowledge, and experience to make sure your business stays connected, without interruption, with the highest quality video, voice and data delivered desk to desk, to back ups, and to the cloud. Connect now with Spark Daddy!


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